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Everything you need to launch an Abigail Academy® location in your community.

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Our Mission, Your Community.

When it comes to reaching as many girls as possible with the message of scripture-based confidence — we know we can’t do it alone.

And we also know we’re not the only ones who feel called to pour into young girls with the truth of who they are and the truth of who Christ is.

That’s why we’ve packaged our entire system and curriculums into easily replicable, ready-to-implement frameworks to set you up for success as you launch a business that creates both income and impact.

Each of our three proprietary systems are sold as complete packages that include policies and procedures for things like Legal, Financial, Equipment/Supplies, Staffing, Client Relations, Billing, Merchandise, Curriculum and more.

Apply to Become an Abigail Academy® Business Owner

We want to partner with you to change the world, one Christ-centered, confident girl at a time!

To apply to be an Abigail Academy business owner, click the button below to be sent your application, before purchasing a business unit. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis and someone from the Abigail Academy® team will reach out to you within 48-business hours of receiving your complete application.

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We're with you every step of the way.

When you invest in the systems and frameworks to launch your own Abigail Academy®, we see it as so much more than an exchange or a simple purchase. In fact, when you open an Abigail Academy® — you become grafted into our team of professionals on a mission to change generations for Christ.

This means we don’t leave you to your own devices as you iron out the intricacies of running a business — but instead, we offer ongoing access to the Foundation (flagship location/operation) team meetings and leadership training to virtually sit in on their team meetings as scheduled.

To learn more about the coaching opportunities available to Abigail Academy® owners, like coaching sessions with the Abigail Academy® corporate team for questions, troubleshooting, encouragement and support — and the fees associated with them, click the button below.

Summer Camp System