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Small Group Resources for Young Girls + Women

Resources for groups, Bible studies, and churches designed to instill a Christ-centered confidence in girls.

Mother-Daughter Curriculum

There's a generation begging for more.

And we have the power to point them to it.

Our team has poured over a decade of experience coaching and mentoring young girls into a suite of intentionally crafted resources designed to ensure girls are rooted in a Christ-centered confidence. Through a focus on art and fashion, we strategically walk girls through life skills and scriptural truths aimed at reminding them of their true identities.

Whether you’re hosting a mother-daughter Bible study in your living room,  running a family ministry at your church, gathering a group of like-minded women, or hosting an event —our resources were created with you in mind.

Current Christian Camp Opportunities for Girls

  • The Art of Confidence

    COFFEE TABLE BOOK—The Fashion of Confidence, BECOMING

  • Birthday Party

    Birthday Party in a Box

  • Mother-Daughter Curriculum

    New Story: God & Girls (Mother-Daughter Curriculum)

  • Abbey Mueller, Abigail Academy

    BOOK — The Art of Confidence: Living Your Calling

  • Paint Brushes

    WORKBOOK —- THE ART OF Confidence With Tools

  • Birthday Party

    Birthday Brand Starter Kit