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Biblical Parenting Resources for Girls

Resources to help you guide your daughter toward truth in Christ and confidence in herself.

Abigail Academy Curriculums

Your Blessing, Your Mission

As your daughter grows — the messages coming at her from culture, friends, and the world at large will clash with the truth of the Gospel. From lies about self-worth to half-truths about her identity to outright attacks on her body image — you’ve seen first-hand how subtly destructive these messages can be.

But there is hope.

At Abigail Academy®, we remain assured of this hope as our strength as we run on mission to teach girls confidence.

And we know you can too.

From beautifully designed scripture cards to mother-daughter curriculums to camp playbooks to help you continue your daughter’s Abigail Academy® experience at home — we’ve created a suite of resources designed to help you raise daughters rooted in their biblical identity.

Current Christian Camp Opportunities for Girls

  • The Art of Confidence

    COFFEE TABLE BOOK—The Fashion of Confidence, BECOMING

  • Paint Brushes

    WORKBOOK —- THE ART OF Confidence With Tools

  • Art Texting Cards

    TEXTING CARDS Art & Scripture Testable Cards

  • Birthday Party

    Birthday Party in a Box

  • Mother-Daughter Curriculum

    New Story: God & Girls (Mother-Daughter Curriculum)

  • Abbey Mueller, Abigail Academy

    BOOK — The Art of Confidence: Living Your Calling

  • Birthday Party

    Birthday Brand Starter Kit