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About 2023 Summer Camp

Girls will receive hands on instruction for each session theme, as well as valuable life skills that empower and encourage confidence. Families can expect a peer supportive environment and a summer camp season theme of Personal Responsibility rooted in 2 Timothy 1:7.  Girls will leave camp feeling encouraged, fulfilled and already waiting for 2024 camp season!


  • Girls ages 5 – 13 are welcome to attend camp
  • Camp is from 9:00 am – 2:30/3:00 pm (carpool pick up window) – Monday through Thursday and concludes at 1:00 pm on Fridays
  • All supplies and equipment are included
  • Location: 10 Carriage Lane Charleston SC 29407
  • Early Registration opens on December 1st, 2022 and is $349 per session | Installment plan available
  • Regular Registration tuition begins May 1st, 2023 and is $399 per session| Installment plan available
  • Lunch, Snacks, and Merchandise may be added on at time of registration
  • There are no refunds once enrolled and we do not hold responsibility for any allergies
  • Carpool and location information will be delivered the week before your session
  • Girls 14+ may apply to earn service hours and college internship credit on our About Us & Page Girls 18+ may apply for paid positions
  • Girls wear camp shirts or all pink on Thursdays and bring formal all white attire for Friday afternoon family showcase
  • Friday Family showcase is from 1-1:45 pm, and we encourage friends and family to plan on attending in support of the girls efforts at camp

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JULY 17-21 2023,9:00am-3:00pm

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Fashion Arts: PRODUCTION Girls can expect fun and super creative energy at this camp! Girls will  hang the lights, build the runway, assign the models, label the garment racks, accessorize, poof the hair, gloss their lips, organize the backstage, greet the audience, make the programs, walk the runway if they’d like, and run a huge and fun fashion show on the Friday of Camp for friends and family.

Students will complete the camp being eligible for Charleston Fashion Week art experiences. (All supplies and equipment included. Campers bring snack and lunch.)

Build a light frame
Dress Mannequins
Style Models
Build fashion show guest programs
Build a backstage garment lineup & playlist
Build and install  fashion show set designs
Host a fashion show party
Write a runway story & Production Crew Bio’s
Set fashion show runway music & poses

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JULY 17-21 2023,9:00am-3:00pm

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Fashion Arts: DESIGN Girls can expect to make their very own garment for the runway!  Girls will learn how to construct a garment that they feel fabulous in, all the while being among others who have fun creative ideas for design collaboration. Girls will focus on public speaking while debuting their hand made garments, accessories, hair, and makeup on the runway- rooted in confidence from the fruits of the spirit on the Friday of Camp for friends and family.

This session will include:

Skirt & Garment Sketching
Hand Sew
Up- Cycle, Accessorize Garments
Runway Makeup, Dress Up, & Hair
Personal Monogramming
 Construct Personal Garment
Showcase personal garment on runway
 Design Garment Vision Board

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August 7th-11th 2023, 9:30am-2:30pm

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Back to School: CONFIDENCE Girls can expect to be ready for the best start to school ever! Girls will feel great after hands on learning with peers, of new social and  emotional tools and tips for being secure, joyful, loving and well loved during the school year!  Girls will make  “how-to toolkit” videos during the week of ways they can use confidence tools during the school year. Each girl will get this video to have as a personal resource and reminder throughout her school year. Families and friends will gather on Friday to watch clips of these videos,  honor and applaud the young women for courageously leaning into intentional behaviors that will ensure a sweet and amazingly rich good school year. Grandparents will want to see this, parents will want to take off work, and girls will want to have access to these videos!

This session will include:

 How to look for similarities instead of differences
How to work on a team like a group project at school
How to sit next to anyone at the lunch table and be your authentic self
 How to introduce yourself and another friend to a new person without laughing and finding a mutual interest
 How to ask God for help with your emotions
How to make eye contact
How to shake hands
 How to lead a group
Crafts that support all of these