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Birthday Party System FRANCHISE LOCATION

If you want to offer young girls an inspiring, confidence-driven, Biblically-based birthday party — and do it as a business, but don’t know where to start — we’ve got you covered.



Expect a meaningful and profitable business, while delivering  young girls creative, inspiring, confidence-driven, Biblically-based birthday parties.  This system will guide you through the process of opening, owning and operating an Abigail Academy® birthday party business in your community.

This package includes policies and procedure templates for:

    • Branding
    • Legal
    • Financial
    • Equipment/Supplies
    • Staffing
    • Easy Registration
    • Merchandise Ordering & Displays
    • Event Agenda Templates with life skills curriculum options
    • Interior Design Brand OutlinesThis package includes E-PRINTABLE  policies and procedures for:

    This investment gives you five years of brand use rights,  Please note: Merchandise and additional corporate support are separate.

We suggest a few phone calls (859-981-2916) to answer and ask questions to determine if you are a goof fit for this opportunity, and considering 5-7 months of preparation prior to opening your operation. 


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