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WORKBOOK —- THE ART OF Confidence With Tools

This e-book is a game changer for your confidence! Use it to help you have peace, joy, and calm Jesus as your root for confidence! 



Girls, you can expect real help with your changes, decisions, and this season.

Whether you’re facing the world on your own or surrounded by friends, these tools are your secret weapons for finding your true self and growing in confidence. To make this journey even more special, we’ve included journaling pages throughout the eBook. This is where you can write down your thoughts, prayers, and dreams as you discover your unique path with God.

15 tools to work through every day issues.

This incredible guide is your roadmap to unlocking your inner strength, deepening your faith, and becoming the incredible girl God created you to be. Don’t miss out on these essential tools! Grab your copy today and embark on a journey of self-discovery and confidence-building. 💪✨

“The Art of Confidence Workbook” topics Ms. Abbey talks about and gives a tool for are:

When I’m overwhelmed

When I can’t remember who I am

When I’m blaming & angry

When I want something but I’m stuck

When family and friends aren’t filling me up

When I’m pretending and want to feel good

When I’m meh & want to be happy!

A private copy of your very own  e-file sent to you at time of order. Get ready for awesome tools!


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